Master of Science in Nursing Program

Mind-Body-Spirit Health Care Option

Graduate students may enroll in this option designed to promote knowledge and skills related to incorporating the best of both conventional and complimentary approaches to health promotion and treatment of common health problems. Clinical experiences in primary care settings are available NP students.

MSNE 516 Mind-Body-Spirit Health Care (3)

Focuses on promoting integration of body, mind, and spirit through incorporating the best of both conventional and complementary approaches to health promotion and the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of common health problems. Explores the role of the nurse as healer and the healing modalities commonly used within nursing, as well as the science of psychoneuroimmunology and quantum physics that underlie the phenomena of mind-body healing. Compares and contrasts selected culturally-based, holistic systems of knowledge concerning health and illness to identify commonalities and differences in these major healing traditions. Addresses ethical and business considerations related to integrating conventional and complementary approaches in ambulatory care.

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