Master of Science in Nursing Program

Latino Health Care Option

A Latino Health Care Option is available to all graduate students. This option is designed to foster cross-cultural competency in the care of Latino populations including migrant workers and their families. Theory content related to care of vulnerable Latino populations is provided along with opportunities to develop Spanish fluency. Clinical experiences are available for NP students in primary care settings serving the Latino population.

MSNE 542 Latino Health: Sociocultural and Family Perspectives (3)

Explores the cultural values and belief systems that influence health behaviors within the context of the underserved Latino/a family. Addresses the economic, educational, and political disparities that influence their access and utilization of health care services. Focuses on the cultural sensitivity requisite to effective inter-cultural communication between healthcare provider and underserved Latino/a families and communities. Strategies for empowerment will be applied to the process of health care provision and community-based interventions to improve the health of Latino/s population.