Clinical Nurse Leader Program Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate advanced clinical expertise based on nursing and related disciplines.
  2. Provide leadership in integrating research into practice.
  3. Utilize research-based evidence as a foundation for practice.
  4. Apply information technology to enhance nursing education, practice, and research.
  5. Engage in multi-sectoral collaboration to improve health care delivery, assuming responsibility for the delegation and oversight of care delivery by other staff as deemed appropriate.
  6. Provide leadership in formulating and implementing policy that contributes to ongoing improvement of health care delivery.
  7. Practice from an ethical and legal perspective that acknowledges conflicting values and rights as they affect health care decisions.
  8. Assume and develop advanced clinical roles to meet societal needs in a rapidly changing national and global health care arena.
  9. Provide innovative care that promotes health and quality of life for culturally diverse individuals, families and populations.
  10. Critically assess the health problems that are commonly seen in the age groups included in the scope of practice of their chosen practice population.