Clinical Nurse Leader

Curriculum Plan

The Master of Science in Nursing Clinical Nurse Leader program requires the completion of 31 academic units.


Fall Semester, Year One # Units
APNC 520 Advanced Pathophysiology 3 units
MSNC 511 Evidence Based Practice: Role of Theory and Research 3 units
ENLC 556 Management of Health Care System Quality Outcomes and Patient Safety  3 units


Spring Semester, Year One # Units
APNC 524 Advanced Pharmacology 3 units
MSNC 518 Physical Assessment and Diagnosis for RNs 4 units


Fall Semester, Year Two # Units
HCIN 540 Introduction to Health Care Information Management 3 units
MSNC 534 Clinical Nursing Leadership: Theory and Practice 6 units


Spring Semester, Year Two # Units
MSNC 512 Influencing the Health Care Environment: Policy and Systems 3 units
ENLC 598 Evidence-Based Practice Practicum 3 units

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