International Programs

Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission Vision and Mission

International Nursing Office
Director: Dr. Linda Urden, APRN, FAAN


To provide culturally competent and evidence-based health care and services to vulnerable populations around the world, foster a lifelong commitment to social responsibility and compassionate service, and promote advances in health care in communities served.


In congruence with University guidelines, our mission is to:

  1. Provide evidence-based health services and education to meet the unique needs of vulnerable populations across the life-span internationally.
  2. Ensure that students and faculty are culturally competent in caring for diverse populations.
  3. Bring people together by working collaboratively while sharing perspectives and fostering cultural understanding.


  1. Explore international opportunities that are congruent with faculty expertise and available resources.
  2. Ensure cultural competency integration throughout the curriculum.
  3. Integrate the International Nursing Program with USD International Center and Community Service Learning and partner with other schools as appropriate.
  4. Investigate and design research or evidence-based practice projects that address health disparities and identified needs of the populations served.
  5. Identify needs and provide services designed to foster health promotion, health maintenance, disease prevention and sustainability.
  6. Provide opportunities for personal and professional development to enhance nursing leadership and service.


  1. Increase numbers of students embarking on global health professions and opportunities for transition of classroom knowledge to the field through mentored clinical experiences.
  2. Support development of web/intranet based teaching tools and methods for sharing of information.
  3. Create international course elective/other teaching materials.
  4. Obtain funding for global health care initiatives and research.
  5. Facilitate international partnerships for education, practice, and research with peer institutions and study-abroad consortia that facilitate enrollment and that are sustainable and replicable.

Provide each student an opportunity to explore through self reflection their personal and professional growth.