Doctor of Nursing Practice Program Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate advanced levels of clinical practice within defined ethical, legal, and regulatory parameters in designing, implementing, and evaluating evidenced-based, culturally competent therapeutic interventions for individuals or aggregates.
  2. Synthesize nursing and other scientific and ethical theories and concepts to create a foundation for advanced nursing practice.
  3. Demonstrate leadership in collaborative efforts to develop and implement policies to improve health care delivery and outcomes at multiple levels of professional practice (institutional, local, state, regional, national, and/or international).
  4. Incorporate research into practice through critical appraisal of existing evidence, evaluating practice outcomes, and developing practice-based guidelines.
  5. Design, implement, and evaluate health care delivery systems and information systems that meet societal needs and ensure accountability for quality outcomes.
  6. Employ a population health focus in the design, implementation, and evaluation of health care delivery systems that address primary, secondary, and tertiary levels of prevention.
  7. Incorporate ethical, regulatory, and legal guidelines in the delivery of health care and the selection, use, and evaluation of information systems and patient care technology.