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Dr. Jane Georges

Associate Professor

University of Washington - Ph.D
University of California, San Francisco - MS
University of California, San Francisco - BSN

Dr. Georges received her PhD in Nursing from the University of Washington in 1991. From 1987-91, she was a pre-doctoral fellow on the Women’s Health Nursing Research Training Grant, University of Washington School of Nursing. She completed a post-doctoral fellowship in psychophysiological nursing at the University of Washington. Her prior academic preparation includes an M.S. and B.S. in Nursing from the University of California San Francisco, and a B.A. in Philosophy and Literature from the Jesuit University of Santa Clara. Additional information on her educational background is available at www.ehs49a.com.

Scholarly Interests:

Dr. Georges’ research is centered around the phenomenon of suffering, particularly in the context of gender, ethnicity, and class. Her scholarship is focused on the application of critical-feminist, post-structural, and post-colonial methodological perspectives. She utilizes discourse analysis to analyze text to expand nursing’s understanding of human suffering beyond the level of individual analysis. Her recent publications include:

Georges, JM (2004). The politics of suffering: implications for nursing science.Advances in Nursing Science, 27(4): 250-256.

Georges, JM, & McGuire, S. (2004). Deconstructing clinical pathways. Advances in Nursing Science,27(1): 2-11.

Georges, JM (2003). An emerging discourse: toward epistemic diversity in nursing.Advances in Nursing Science, 26(1): 44-42.

McGuire, S, & Georges, JM. (2003). Undocumentedness and liminality as health variables. Advances in Nursing Science, 26(3): 185-95.

Georges, JM. (2002). An emerging contextual model of suffering. Communicating Nursing Research, 35(10): 75-77.

Georges, JM (2002). Suffering: toward a contextual praxis. Advances in Nursing Science, 25(1): 80-87.

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Dr. Jane Georges

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