MSN to PhD Program

With deeper understanding comes deeper impact.

As true practitioners of lifelong learning, we’re proud that many of our Master of Science in Nursing graduates return to earn their Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing. Our PhD program prepares nurse scientists for a career in research and the scholarship of discovery—opening doors to teaching, conducting research, writing books, leading health care organizations and shaping our system for the better.

Because our MSN to PhD program is designed for working professionals in demanding roles, students come to our campus one day each week. Having cleared their schedules, they arrive ready to dive into their coursework, to meet with their cohorts and to collaborate with faculty.

It’s the personal connection between faculty and students that sets us apart—ensuring that every student has the support they need to excel. We invite you to join our community of fellow nurse scientists who walk beside you and nurture your success. 


Resources to help you excel.