Recruiting Information

Thanks for your interest in NROTC San Diego! 

Here at NROTC San Diego Consortium, we are committed to answering all your questions with regards to your desire to join our Unit and the United States Navy or Marine Corps. Below you will find all the information regarding our unit and the processes in place to join the NROTC. If you would like to contact our recruiting officer, LT Danielle Fritts for more questions after reading this page, please do so by e-mailing her at

Information regarding the NROTC Program: 

Students who participate in ROTC will be selected for Unrestricted Line (URL) Communities. This selection is made at the beginning of their senior year in college and is based on their preferences, performance, and the service requirements of the Navy. Below is a list of the URL Communities you can join through ROTC. This list includes: 

  • Surface Warfare (USN)
  • Submarine (USN)
  • Aviation (USN)
  • Special Warfare (USN)
  • Marine Corps (USMC) 
  • Explosive Ordnance Disposal (USN)
  • Note: The NROTC program is not designed to educate and produce doctors and lawyers. If becoming a doctor or lawyer is your only goal, the NROTC program is not for you. A very limited number of NROTC Midshipmen nationwide receive permission to attend medical or law school upon graduation, and acceptance into the medical or law schools would be required in addition to NROTC permission.

NROTC Resources: 

We invite you to please visit for more information regarding: 

  • NROTC program requirements and overview 
  • Participating Colleges and Universities
  • Application process
    • Applications processed through your local Navy Recruiting District (NRD), which can be located on the website
    • Scholarships
    • Summer training requirements
    • Service requirements following graduation
    • Frequently asked questions

Information regarding the NROTC San Diego Consortium:

With the exception of some Naval Science Courses that are taught at SDSU, the majority of the classes, physical training, drill, and battalion events take place at the University of San Diego. Below is the list of participating schools that are part of our consortium at NROTC San Diego: 

  • University of San Diego (Host University)
  • University of California San Diego
  • Point Loma Nazarene University
  • California State University San Marcos
  • San Diego State University

Unit Participation:

NROTC allows students to prepare for a commission as a Naval Officer while simultaneously attending college. In addition to the responsibilities of being a student and maintaining the minimum GPA standard of 2.5, members of the battalion are required to participate in training obligations throughout the year. Some of the requirements a member can expect are listed below.

  • New Student Orientation: Incoming freshmen will attend a 4-day orientation to NROTC San Diego, held in August before school begins
  • Naval Science courses: 1 per semester, 8 in total
  • Physical Training: 1-3 mornings per week (performance determines requirement)
  • Freshman Drill: Saturdays from 0800-1200 during freshman year
  • Unit Drill: Military training held once per month for all battalion members
  • Club Events: Students will join one of the following clubs and are required to attend two club events per semester
  • Community Service: Students must complete one service event per semester
  • Summer Training: For information, see the NROTC website.

Informational Sessions of the San Diego NROTC Unit: 

If you would like to visit the NROTC San Diego unit in person, our recruiting officer conducts informational sessions at the University of San Diego on the 1st and 3rd Friday of the month. Please email her at if you are interested in scheduling and attending one of these sessions.