College Program


Accepting Applications

The first application window is April 1 to May 1.  The second application window is May 2 to July 1.  Applicants who are not accepted during the first application window will be screened during the second application window automatically.  Students who apply before May 1 will have a greater change of being selected overall and will have an opportunity to attend New Student Indoctrination. 

Application Forms

Please read the instructions in their entirely. Students who are accepted will be expected to attend New Student Orientation in San Diego from August 20 to August 23.

What is the College Program?

The College Program is a way for non-scholarship students to join the unit while working towards earning a scholarship.  Individuals in the College Program participate in unit events and apply for a scholarship while part of the unit and do not have a financial or service obligation.  College Program Midshipmen must attend New Student Orientation prior to participating with the unit.

Side Load Scholarship

You can only apply for a Side Load Scholarship while in the College Program during your sophomore or junior year. College Program Midshipmen who receive a side load scholarship will have the same benefits and service obligations as Midshipmen who received the National Scholarship. 

College Program Benefits

  • Provide uniforms and Naval Science textbooks
  • Advanced Standing Stipend (if selected)
    • Junior - $350 per month
    • Senior - $400 per month

Advanced Standing

If a College Program Midshipman does not receive a scholarship by junior year, he/she may apply for advanced standing.  If on advanced standing, a Midshipman will receive a monthly stipend and will be commissioned after graduation.  Midshipmen on advanced standing do not receive a scholarship.