Prospective Students

Application Process

Step 1 - Apply for the National Scholarship online

If you are a high school or college student with less than 30 college credits apply for the National Scholarship by visiting

Step 2 – Apply to NROTC affiliated institutions

The National Scholarship application requires prospective students to list 5 NROTC affiliated college universities.  It is highly recommended to apply to these universities as early as possible.

Step 3 – Apply for the College Program

The College Program is a way for non-scholarship students to become part of the NROTC program.  If you missed the deadline, were not accepted, or have more than 30 college credits, this is a great option. Applications submitted prior to May 1st have a greater chance of being accepted overall.  Applications will be accepted until May 1st, please contact our Incoming Student Advisor after that date if interested in joining.

College Program midshipmen with more than 30 college credits can apply for a 2 and 3 year scholarships during their sophomore and junior years.  These “side load” scholarships are not the same as the National Scholarship, and must be applied for through the NROTC Unit while part of the College Program. 

College Program midshipmen with less than 30 college credits can still apply for the National Scholarship.

Step 4 – Attend an Information Session

If you would like to visit the NROTC San Diego unit in person, our recruiting officer conducts informational sessions by appointment. Please email her at if you are interested in attending one of these sessions.

Step 5 – Attend New Student Indoctrination (NSI) and New Student Orientation (NSO)

NSI is a 13 day militarization program held during the summer prior to freshman year at Recruit Training Command in Great Lakes, Illinios.  All scholarship recipients must attend NSI.  College Program students accepted between April 1 to May 1 are expected to attend.

All scholarship recipients and college program students are expected to attend NSO.  NSO is a 4 day indoctrinataion program hosted by the NROTC San Diego Consortium.