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NROTC San Diego Conducts Pass-in-Review at SDSU Homecoming Football Game

Members from NROTC San Diego march onto Qualcomm Field

NROTC USD (San Diego, Calif.) – At Qualcomm stadium, more than 275 Marines, Officer Candidates, and Midshipmen attached to the Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps (NROTC) San Diego, participated in the opening ceremonies at the San Diego State University (SDSU) Homecoming Football game against Brigham Young University.

Welcomed with enthusiastic applause, the battalion marched on the field and passed the hundreds of fans in attendance. NROTC San Diego joined the Army and Air Force ROTC units to honor the several servicemen and veterans in attendance.  Accompanied by the SDSU Aztec Marching band, each service marched out to their service song and presented arms for the National Anthem.

“It was a great experience! We were able to show our gratitude to those who have served before us,” said MIDN 2/c Michael Lacaman. “It also felt good to hear the applause and appreciation from the croud.” Many compliments were given from university officials and distinguished visitors before and after the ceremony.                   

“The stadium came alive. I heard a lot of positive remarks from the audience,” said Captain Mark S. Woolley, Commanding Officer of NROTC San Diego.  “I hope this becomes a joint service ROTC tradition in the future.”

-OC Seymour