Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps

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Nursing Club

Nursing Spring 2015

The San Diego NROTC Nurse Club aims to promote professional experience and interaction for our unit’s future Naval Nurse Corps officers through various events throughout each semester. The events are mainly focused on gaining new information and knowledge about what to expect as new nurses once we commission and enter the fleet. In addition, some events focused on building camaraderie and "de-stressing" in the midst of our very busy semesters. The nurse club hosted a variety of events which provided leadership opportunities.

This semester, our events were focused on interaction with the staff at Naval Medical Center San Diego (NMCSD). We developed a mentorship program between several Nurse Corps Officers and Midshipmen from our battalion. We had multiple group meetings where Nurse Corps Officers answered many questions while providing valuable guidance for different fields of nursing.

Events included:

• A "Welcome back" movie/dinner night to promote camaraderie among Nurse option Midshipmen, which was relaxing and entertaining evening together.

• Several gatherings with a group of 9 Nurse Corps officers from NMCSD where we discussed questions and concerns about how to best prepare for the start of our nursing careers. A contact list was created between Midshipman and Officers allowing for future contact and mentorships. We hope it will also provide future programs to shadow their staff members at the hospital, tour different hospital facilities, and use their educational experience to help prepare us for entering our careers.

• An informational Skype session with several former NROTC San Diego Battalion OC’s, currently stationed at Naval Medical Center Camp Lejeune in which we gathered useful information about: what to expect after commissioning, how to prepare for your new duty station, tips for taking the NCLEX (registered nursing licensure exam), and what being a nurse at a medium size hospital is like.

MIDN 2/C Kelso
Nurse Club President Spring 2015