Submarine Club

Our mission as Submarine Club is to educate Midshipmen on the tasks and trials they will undergo as submariners, as well as the joys and life-long prestige that will be bestowed on them by joining the ranks of submarines officers. In our first event, a viewing of “U-571,”Midshipmen were granted the opportunity to experience a likely operation for a submarine and her crew during a wartime situation, and how it could go terribly wrong. With the guidance of our NROTC San Diego’s own submariner, LT Daniel Gladfelter, we compared the maneuvers and actions taken during the film to what we would expect to see in the event of another world crisis involving United States submarines.

A U.S. Submarine

After seeing a submarine and her crew on-screen, Midshipmen had the unique opportunity to step beyond the perspective of ordinary civilians and go inside one of the nation’s most top-secret war fighting machines, a Los Angeles-Class Fast Attack Nuclear Submarine. Through this event, we were able to gain great knowledge on the SSN and what our role would be following the completion of the highly prestigious Nuclear Power pipeline. Most importantly though, Midshipmen who had previously only viewed the hulls of submarines through photographs finally had the chance to see with their own eyes not only the beauty of her majesty up close, but the hard work and dedication that went into the technological innovations that run the boat from the inside, as well as meet the crew that will run her. Following what we learned about our job on the boat, the Submarine Club got to sit down with LT Gladfelter and find out what the life of a submariner is like outside of working hours at our dinner question and answer session. At this event, Midshipmen gained a great deal of insight on the nuclear training pipeline, as well as the fun shenanigans that can occur during free time. Overall, our club events this semester provided much knowledge in what to expect as a United States Submarine Officer. Next semester, we will continue to follow the mission of the submarine club with even more club events that are both fun and informative. As President, I intend to schedule more tours of museums and real Submarines, have more Q&As with submariners, and even arrange a trip to the Submarine Learning Center at the Point Loma Submarine Base. Overall, I want to thank everyone for coming out this semester. Next semester will be even better!

Midshipman Robert Jenkins

Submarine Club President, Fall 2015