Aviation Club

The mission of the NROTC San Diego Aviation Club is to educate and empower midshipmen who wish to pursue a career in Naval Aviation with either the United States Navy or Marine Corps. Throughout the semester, the Aviation Club hosts a multitude of aviation oriented events intended to expose members to the military aviation communities and prepare them to be successful in this exciting and unique career field.

The club emphasizes in the preparation for the Aviation Selection Test Battery, an evaluative component of the Naval Aviation application process. During the semester the clubs holds ASTB Study Sessions for club members. The intention of the event was to provide skills, study tips, and experience for NROTC members to achieve a high score on the ASTB. The club attends Air Shows, perform Squadron Visits and is always looking for opportunities to expose its memembers to the active duty aviation community both in the Navy and the Marines. If your goal is a career in aviation, and you have been admitted to join our unit, we hope you consider joining us! We look forward to meet you!

Welcome to NROTC San Diego Consortium!