Dr. Cassidy Freitas '11 (MA) Recently Featured In San Diego Magazine

Dr. Cassidy Freitas '11 (MA) woman sitting smiling

San Diego Magazine

Dr. Cassidy Freitas '11 (MA) was recently featured in San Diego Magazine as a person "who makes San Diego unique". Dr. Freitas received her Master's in Marital and Family Therapy from SOLES in 2011 and runs a virtual private practice specializing in postpartum therapy. 

The article is from Dr. Cassidy Freitas '11 appearance on the San Diego Magazine's Not a Parenting Podcast, a biweekly podcast meant to shine a light on the ups and downs of the post-pandemic parent in San Diego. Dr. Freitas discusses how she balances career and family, having a fully virtual practice, the overwhelming amount of parenting information available on social media, etc. 

Listen to her full episode on Not a Parenting Podcast and read some of the Q&A.

You can also learn more about Dr. Freitas by visiting her own podcast Holding Space, which also has a link to her private practice website.


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