Michaelle Jinnette '09 (MA) Starts Cure KCNH1 Foundation to Help Son and Others

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begin quoteIn the last 9 months, we have gathered a scientific team from around the globe; created a foundation; raised $275,000,; and started the process of developing a gene-expression therapy.

Michaelle Jinnette '09 and her husband Kevin Witt have recently started the Cure KCNH1 Foundation to raise awareness for the KCNH1 genetic disorders and to help find a cure. Michaelle received her Master's in Marital and Family Therapy from SOLES in 2009 and is working in private practice. 

When Michaelle Jinnette's fourth son, Tristan, was 15 months old, she and her husband were told that Tristan had the KCNH1 gene mutation, which is characterized by profound intellectual disability and severe epilepsy. After suffering the heartbreak of this tremendous news, Michaelle began researching the disorder and reached out to doctors, researchers, and others around the world to find out all she could about the disorder and what could be done to cure it. 

Within the last year, Michaelle and her husband have created the Cure KCNH1 Foundation; raised almost $300,000; and started the process of a gene-expression therapy. Recently, they started Tristan on a stop-gap investigational medication (and they're already seeing positive effects) while they work to raise the money for the gene-expression therapy.

We are sharing Michaelle's story to help her family raise awareness about rare disease and the cutting-edge treatments they're helping to push forward. To learn even more about their story, check out this article from the Encinitas Advocate that was published earlier this year. You can also watch a video that was created by one of Kevin's former students. 

If you'd like to donate to support the Cure KCNH1 Foundation, you can use their GoFundMe webpage or visit their website


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