SOLES Faculty Grant Recipients

Congratulations to the following SOLES Faculty Research Grants (FRG) Awardees and Faculty Grant Initiative (FGI) Recipients for the 2022-2023 Academic Year.

The Faculty Research Grant program supports scholarly activities that meet SOLES’ mission, vision, and/or strategic priorities. In addition, the program supports recruiting and retaining faculty in SOLES, particularly our Assistant Professors in developing their scholarship/research agenda and trajectory in their bid for tenure given the University’s policy that gives equal emphasis to scholarship and teaching. 

Each year funding is made available by the Office of the Provost to faculty members throughout the College and schools at USD. The FRG enables members of our USD community across all disciplines to collaborate locally and globally to solve society's greatest challenges. 

The Faculty Grant Initiative supports the scholarly trajectory of tenured (Full and Associate Professors) and Assistant Professors in their 5th and 6th years. Recipients of this grant continue to support scholarly activities that meet SOLES’ mission, vision, and/or SOLES’ strategic priorities and encourage scholarship that deepens the engagement within the scholar’s selected field and promotes growth, visibility, and scholarly influence of the faculty member and of SOLES.

Faculty Research Grant Awardees:


  1. Dr. Nedeljko Golubovic: Co-occurring Bipolar and Substance Use Disorders 
  2. Dr. Catherine Griffith: Twenty Years of Intervention Research in School Counseling: A Systematic Review
  3. Dr. Rebekka J. JezEducators’ Experiences with Anti-Racist Professional Development During Remote 
  4. Dr. Antonio Jimenez-Luque: Teaching and Learning - Deconstructing Dominant Assumptions for a New Social Order: Identifying General Principles and Strategies of Framing Leadership on Commons and Cooperative
  5. Dr. Suzanne Stolz: Disability Curriculum: Enacting a Pedagogy of Interdependence
  6. Dr. Saundra Tabet: Measuring Inspiration in Educators: The Educator Inspire Scale© (EIS)

Faculty Grant Initiatives (FGI)  Recipients:



  1. Dr. James Fabionar: Comparing Configurations of Secondary Ethnic Studies Courses.
  2. Dr. Maya Kalyanpur: Initiative to Increase Recruitment and Enrollment of Low-income Students of Color in DLT’s Dual Credential Program.
  3. Dr. Jo Ellen Patterson: Creating a Canadian Clinic to address Legal Issues and Social Disparities.


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