Filipino American History Month Spotlight: Gilbert Saguid

photo of Gilbert Saguid

In recognition of Filipino American History Month, Gilbert Saguid emphasizes the journeys of the previous generations to create lives in the United States. Gilbert is a doctoral student in the PhD in Leadership Studies program and the CEO of Veterans Franchise Group. 

Why do you feel it's important to recognize Filipino American History Month?
I feel that it is important to recognize Filipino American History Month because it's a way to honor our beautiful heritage, culture, and the courage of our families who migrated to the United States to pursue greater opportunity and prosperity.

How do you observe Filipino American History Month?
Since most of my family are out of state, we visit our favorite Filipino restaurant in National City to celebrate.

Who is a Filipino American that inspires you?
My parents, uncles, and aunts who migrated from the Philippines in their 20's, which they endured many challenges and adventures creating the United States as their new home.


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