The Department of Leadership Studies Coaching Program is Awarded a Contract with Maxwell Air Force Base

The Leadership Studies Department is happy to announce they were awarded a contract with Maxwell Air Force Base to provide training in leadership coaching to support the US Air Force's Leader Development Course for Squadron Command. The contract involves providing education and training/practice resulting in certified instructors in leadership and developmental coaching practices that lead to credentialing offered by the CCE (BCC) and the ICF (ACC/PCC). The program is designed and facilitated by Linda Braun-Leibowitz and Zachary Green who oversee the USD, SOLES Leadership Coaching Certificate Program.  The training for 2020-2021 began in late November and will end in April. The current cohort of twenty-four participants represents six organizations from across Air University and includes Air Force officers, senior enlisted leaders, civilians, and spouses (in cooperation with the Airman & Family Readiness Center).  This is the second time that the contract has been awarded to the Leadership Studies Department and it will run for three years.      


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