Elizabeth Castillo '10 (MA) '16 (PhD) Awarded 2020 Ideas Worth Teaching Award From the Aspen Institute's Business and Society Program

Elizabeth Castillo '10 '16

SOLES double alumna (as well as USD undergraduate alumna) Dr. Elizabeth Castillo was recently awarded the Aspen Institute’s Business & Society Program's 2020 Ideas Worth Teaching Award. This award honors faculty who are redefining business education by providing learning experiences that equip managers of tomorrow with the context, skills and decision-making capabilities needed to lead in an increasingly complex business environment. In Dr. Castillo's Resource Allocation Organizations course at Arizona State University, "students learn how to develop and integrate multiple forms of capital into a business model, resources that don’t show up on a balance sheet: people, nature, relationships, knowledge, governance and ethics.”

Dr. Castillo graduated in 2010 with her Master's in Nonprofit Leadership and Management and received her PhD in Leadership Studies in 2016. She has been an Assistant Professor at Arizona State University in the College of Integrative Sciences and Arts’ Faculty of Leadership and Integrative Studies since 2016. Learn more about Dr. Elizabeth Castillo, this award, and her award winning course here. 

Congratulations on this award, Elizabeth!


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