SOLES Goes International: The 2019 Summer Abroad Recap

Over the course of the Summer, SOLES students were seen across the globe from Brazil to Oxford to Spain and more! As part of the numerous programs that the Global Center offers, students immerse themselves in a one-of-a-kind experience that pairs the theoretical knowledge gained in the classroom with real-world cultural experiences.

SOLES students in Brazil

Sao Paulo & Rio De Janeiro, Brazil (June 1st - June 9th, 2019)
LEAD 568i (3 Units)

In early June, a group of 10 students led by Dr. Herrera and Peter Maribei visited Brazil to study the effects of Affirmative Action in the Brazilian Higher Education system. Meeting with leading researchers in the field, students of private and Federal universities, and Fr. Santos (a pioneer in the Afro-Brazilian movement), SOLES students designed a board game utilizing theories from game theory to demonstrate the inequities that exist among those navigating through the Brazilian educational system.


SOLES students in Jamaica

Falmouth, Jamaica (June 9th - June 30th, 2019)
COUN 510i, COUN 515i, & COUN 508 (9 Units)

Led by Dr. Martin, Dr. Hall, and Dr. Callahan, a group of students embarked to the Caribbean nation of Jamaica as part of a three-course series: COUN 510i (Career Development Around Lifespans), 515i (Multicultural Counseling), and 508 (Research Methods in Counseling). Here, this group of students were not only exposed to a variety of cultures and backgrounds but also had the opportunity to engage with the local community to offer career counseling services to individuals in Duncans, Jamaica as part of the experiential learning offered through this course.


SOLES students in Oxford

Oxford, United Kingdom (June 15th - June 22nd, 2019)
EDUC 504i  (3 Units)

In mid-June, SOLES students were out and about in the historic city of Oxford visiting some of the best sites such as J.R.R Tolkien’s house (Lord of the Rings, anyone?) and the Oxford Divinity School where they filmed part of the Harry Potter series. Led by Dr. Reyes Quezada as part of EDUC 504i, students focused on comparative educational systems in the UK and US, visiting local primary and secondary schools with culturally and linguistically diverse students as well as analyzing the effects of socio-cultural factors in the context of the UK’s educational system.


SOLES students in Spain

Madrid, Spain (July 7th - July 20th, 2019)
LEAD 608 & LEAD 611 (6 Units)

As part of the Ph.D program and led by Dr. Fred Galloway and Dr. Antonio Jimenez Luque, Ph.D. students traveled to Madrid, Spain as part of the Global Center’s two-course program; LEAD 607: “Applied Statistics and Quantitative Research” and LEAD 611: “Leadership Theories: Past, Present, & Future.” While in this historical city, our doctoral students not only examined their own leadership through various theoretical and philosophical lenses but also were also able to immerse themselves in amazing sights, sounds, and flavors that Madrid had to offer.

Students in Vietnam

Hanoi & Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (July 1st - July 14th, 2019)

In early July, seventeen SOLES students explored the beautiful landscape of the Vietnam countryside. In addition to biking through remarkable places such as the Ninh Binh Province (pictured), visiting assorted temples, and exploring historical sites like the Cu Chi Tunnels (a relic of the Vietnam/American War) many students took advantage of the opportunity to soak in theatrical cultural elements like the noteworthy Water Puppet show in Hanoi and the impressive Bamboo show in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon). When not soaking in the culture, students visited iNGOs (international non-governmental organizations) and their government counterparts in addition to a local elementary school and a university teacher-training program.  

Arusha, Magamba, Zanzibar, Tanzania (July 8th - July 19th, 2019)
EDUC 579i (3 Units)

In Mid-July, SOLES students took a trip to the East African country of Tanzania alongside Dr. Rebekka Jez as part of the course EDUC 579i: “Education in Post-Colonial Contexts.” While in Tanzania, students had the opportunity to collaborate with African educators at local universities as part of a Changemaker project that was presented at the 2019 edition of the International Association of Special Education’s (IASE) Biennial conference in Magamba, where they were able to see the global and local perspectives of educating diverse learners firsthand.


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