CSE’s Equinox Project and Quality of Life Dashboard Move to USD's Nonprofit Institute

Aerial view of San Diego's downtown area

The Equinox Project, a locally recognized nonpartisan civic initiative that informs and engages the public and decision-makers in creating better solutions to regional economic and environmental challenges, is moving from the Center for Sustainable Energy (CSE) to The Nonprofit Institute at the University of San Diego (USD).

Since its founding in 2009, the Equinox Project has conducted research and analysis on quality of life issues in the San Diego region by providing insightful, transparent data useful for addressing and balancing regional growth with available resources to create more vibrant neighborhoods and communities.

“The Equinox Project provides critical information by measuring, evaluating and benchmarking important environmental and economic indicators on an annual basis,” said Cody Hooven, director of the Sustainability Department for the city of San Diego. “The Center for Sustainable Energy has done a terrific job of strengthening and elevating the impact of the Equinox Project and positioning it to help the community move toward greater sustainability by offering solutions to help us get where we need to go.”

Equinox Project is well known for its annual San Diego Regional Quality of Life Dashboard that since 2010 has measured and rated progress and development related to sustainability and economics in more than 15 categories, such as energy and water supplies, housing infrastructure, land use and transportation systems. To improve access and use of the dashboard, CSE converted it to an interactive, online format in 2017.

“The Quality of Life Dashboard helps answer the question, ‘Is our quality of life getting better?’” said Peter James MacCracken, principal at Strategic Communications and chairman of the Equinox Project’s advisory board. “By aggregating data and tracking progress, or lack thereof, the dashboard enables policymakers, businesses and individuals to pursue efforts to create a brighter tomorrow.”

The Equinox Project also conducts research and analysis of sustainability issues and supports Leaders 2020, a young professionals’ network that provides members with education, connections and civic engagement.

"The Nonprofit Institute at USD has a long history of providing leading edge research, education and trainings that strengthen our local communities,” said Emily Young, executive director, The Nonprofit Institute. “We are excited to be the new home for the Equinox Project to provide timely, local data and information for leadership and action on critical issues that we face as a region."

“With its broad-lens focus on quality-of -life issues that extend beyond CSE’s focus on renewable energy for transportation and the built environment, The Nonprofit Institute at USD provides Equinox a perfect home in which to continue to flourish, and we look forward to the continued success of this important initiative,” said Lawrence E. Goldenhersh, president of the Center for Sustainable Energy.

The Nonprofit Institute is a part of the School of Leadership and Educational Sciences at USD and has extensive experience working with local researchers, educators and community experts in creating data-informed resources to help strengthen and build leadership within the San Diego region and beyond.

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