Kelly Metz-Matthews, DLS Doctoral Student, Awarded the David E. Eskey Memorial Award

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Congratulations are in order for SOLES PhD student Kelly Metz-Matthews (Educational Leadership for Innovation and Social Justice) for her work “Relating Theory to Practice in the Field of Second Language Reading/Literacy Instruction.” CATESOL, an association of professionals across California and Nevada dedicated to advancing the quality of English language teaching, selected Metz-Matthews as the recipient of the David E. Eskey Memorial Award for her focus on social justice in second language teaching and for her application of free voluntary reading workshops in English as a Second Language university classrooms. Free voluntary reading, best defined by Metz-Matthews as “pleasure reading as pedagogy,” offers students freedom of choice in their reading material and involves sustained periods of in-workshop reading in an effort to build lifelong readers outside the classroom. The award includes a stipend to attend the 2018 and 2019 annual CATESOL conferences in Anaheim and San Jose, networking opportunities, and an invitation to present her findings at next year’s annual CATESOL conference. The David E. Eskey Memorial Award honors David E. Eskey’s influence on CATESOL as well as his mentorship of countless scholars and practitioners in the field.


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