SOLES' Diversity, Inclusion and Social Justice Showcase Presentation Titles

Seeking Mirrors: Media Representation and Asian American Identity

Training & Education Advancements in Mental Health for Underserved Populations: The HRSA TeamUP Project

Merging capstones: transforming teacher identity within a social justice framework

Engaged Transition Theory for Military and other Compressed Systems

Climate Resilience: Vulnerable Populations

Developing a Study Abroad Program for Student Veterans with Educational Benefits

Accountable to Whom? Strengthening Safeguards in International NGOs

Blame Attribution in Rape Crimes: The Effects of Willing Substance Use, Race, and Rape Myth Acceptance

Building Inclusive Leadership: The MAAC Leadership Academy

Aversive Racism Theory

Free Voluntary Reading for Identity and Literacy Promotion: Emerging Bilinguals as Lifelong Readers

Exploring the Efficacy of a Culturally-Tailored Leadership Programs for Latinas

Centering Gender and Culture in Latina Community College Leadership: A Comparative Cross Case Study

Women Legislators: Understanding Factors Influencing The Decision to Run

TeamUP Project Digital Clinical Resource Library: Increasing access to evidence-based resources to improve behavioral health treatment for underserved populations

Fostering a Sense of Belonging: The Asian American Graduate Student Experience

Postsecondary Educational Aspirations vs. Reality: A Study of Foster Care Alumni

Closing Opportunity Gaps

Promoting and Preserving Cambodia's Heritage Through Community Engagement

The Experiences of African-American High School Students at Abraxas High School

Formerly Incarcerated Adults in Higher Education: A Life-History Study of Prisoner Reintegration

Bringing Research on Diversity to Teaching at USD

Enactments of "Cultural Responsiveness" in Domestic and Gender-Based Violence Survivor Services: An Analysis of a Statewide Professional Learning Initiative

Creating A Zero-Waste Building: A SOLES Sustainability Committee Initiative

The Intersection of Eating Disorders and Gender Identity

Develop the Cultural Mindset Inventory

Counseling and MFT Department Recruitment Efforts to Increase Diversity

Legitimacy and Inclusion in the international nonprofit sector

A Bilingual Perspective: A Discourse on Providing Bilingual Services

Experiential Activities for Teaching Social Justice and Advocacy Competence in Counseling

Impact of a Mentoring Program on Students' Perceptions of School

Teacher leaders for inclusion

Mapping the nonprofit sector in San Diego: Applying Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to understand nonprofit activity

NCCHC Leadership Fellows Program (National Community College Hispanic Council)

Through a Changemaker Lens: ESOL Educators' Perspectives on Implementing Community Service-Learning in the Adult ESOL Community College Context

The Iroquois Influence on the U.S. Government

Transborder Leadership Development Program

Equity Through Inclusive Accessibility: A Perspective of a Prospective

Latinx Graduate Student Association at USD

The Historical Struggle for Educational Equity: The African American Experience


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