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#BuildaBridgetoBetter: Recommendations to Drive Pandemic Responses

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Rachel Locke, Director of the Kroc Insitute for Peace and Justice's Impact:Peace Initiative, has contributed her third article to Global Dashboard since the COVID-19 pandemic began. (To get caught up, here are her first and second articles.) Her latest, entitled, #BuildaBridgetoBetter: Recommendations to Drive Pandemic Responses, applies her peacebuilding lens to our current circumstances, and then offers five recommendations to help us shape a better world.

The article begins:

Disasters have a way of focusing the mind, focusing our energies, and harnessing attention. The unfolding disaster that is the coronavirus pandemic is no different: the world is united in our focus on this singular enemy. What is different is that this pandemic is not a one-off event; this is not a storm that we will easily ‘ride out’. There is no clear blue sky on the horizon.

Scientists are making clear that until there is an effectively rolled out vaccine, our societies will be in a continuous state of adaptation – with spikes of infection corresponding to waves of grief, trauma, and economic damage. These cycles will influence and be influenced by political dynamics, including formal contestations between political actors, as well as informal influence by non-state actors and groups of malign actors.

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