Dismembered Central American Migrants Ask For Change In U.S. Strategy

Tuesday, September 6, 2016TOPICS: US-Mexico BorderHuman Rights and Security

begin quote“The American dream doesn’t exist. What exists is an essential need, a forced migration.

There is a very real and very grim reality surrounding the Central American migration issue. Hundreds of people are forced to throw away their lives in their native homeland to board the Mexican train, La Bestia. The long and treacherous journey has claimed hundreds of lives and dismembered countless more. Jose Luis Hernandez is one of the many unfortunate victims to this growing issue. When he was just 17 years of age, he climbed on top the La Bestia to travel towards the United States. In a tragic turn of events, he fell onto the ground and got stuck underneath the metal wheels. While trying to free himself, he lost his arm and his leg to the train. He, along with hundreds more are living with the scars of migration.

Hernandez firmly believes that U.S. fails to understand the root of the problem and only in doing so, will they be able to end the migration issue. “The American dream doesn’t exist,” Hernandez said. “What exists is an essential need, a forced migration.” 

In June of 2016, Hernandez and three other dismembered Honduran refugees came to San Diego to raise awareness on the migration issue. 

Read the entire KPBS article here: http://www.kpbs.org/news/2016/jun/20/dismembered-central-american-migrants-ask-change-u/

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