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USD School of Law Professor Michael Ramsey Quoted by the New York Times

SAN DIEGO (September 12, 2018) – University of San Diego (USD) School of Law Professor Michael Ramsey was quoted in a New York Times article published September 10, 2018, titled, “Does Originalism Matter Anymore?” The article, an op-ed by Georgia State Law Professor Eric Segall, begins by asking whether Judge Brett Kavanaugh can be considered an originalist, but continues to analyze the meaning of originalism and how it has been involved in the interpretation of recent cases. From a law that prohibits wearing political apparel in voting places, to a court decision to “strike down 23 state laws that required nonunion public sector employees to pay union fees if they were covered by collective bargaining agreements negotiated by the union,” originalism cannot be related to many recent decisions by the Court.


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