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Jonathan Bowman, Erik Fritsvold

Incarcerated Interactions

Full title: Incarcerated Interactions: A Theory-Driven Analysis of Applied Prison Communication (Criminal Humanities & Forensic Semiotics)

"The American correctional system is mutually constitutive with American communities. After a forty-year investment in mass incarceration, with sustained high recidivism rates, one may argue that devisions between the street, jail, and/or prisons are as blurry now as they have been during any time in the modern era... The incarcerated interactions that are central to such deprivation are not only sociological, not only communication-based, not only psychological but rather an indiscriminate hybrid of social science."


Erik D. Fritsvold (Ph.D., University of California at Irvine) is Associate Professor and Department Chair of Sociology: Law, Crime and Justice at the University of San Diego. He also serves as the Academic Coordinator for MS Law Enforcement and Public Safety Leadership Program. He has been recognized as one of America s Best 300 Professors by the Princeton Review. Fritsvold s research interests focus on crime and deviance perpetrated by affluent and non-traditional groups including affluent drug dealers in Dorm Room Dealers, radical environmental activists in Under the Law, and non-traditional street gangs.

Jonathan M. Bowman (Ph.D., Michigan State University) is Professor of Communication Studies at the University of San Diego. He has been the recipient of the National Communication Association Ecroyd Award for Outstanding Teaching in Higher Education, the discipline s highest teaching honor. He also received the WSCA Distinguished Teaching Award, a Keck Faculty Fellowship for his focus on undergraduate research, and the Innovations in Experiential Education Award for his commitment to high-impact practices. Bowman s research investigates interpersonal and small group communication processes, and he has two forthcoming books: InterConnections: Interpersonal Communication Foundations and Contexts and Masculinity and Student Success in Higher Education.

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