Kroc School Professor Necla Tschirgi Shares Perspective on Democracy Promotion and American Exceptionalism in San Diego Union-Tribune

Kroc School Professor Necla Tschirgi contributed an op-ed to the San Diego Union-Tribune on Wednesday, November 11, entitled "A peaceful transfer of power is not guaranteed. Here’s what we know from other elections.

The op-ed begins:

The world has been watching the 2020 U.S. elections with a mixture of amazement, apprehension and schadenfreude — the very precise German word that describes the pleasure derived from another person’s misfortune. This is not surprising. Over the decades, in exporting democracy around the world, the United States has forcefully argued that democracy has two indispensable features: free and fair elections, and the peaceful transfer of power. Yet these pillars of democracy are under threat in the U.S. today.

Despite fears to the contrary, the 2020 elections took place without violence and with the clear victory of the Biden-Harris team as president-elect and vice president-elect while the usual counting of the last batch of votes continues. But alleging massive “election fraud,” President Donald Trump and influential Republican leaders have so far refused to recognize the results, raising serious concerns regarding the orderly transfer of power in the world’s oldest democracy. This is highly reminiscent of what happens in many emerging or aspiring democracies around the world where the international community gets involved.

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