Kroc School Professor Philip Gamaghelyan Shares Insight on Why Armenian Americans In Southern California Are Protesting

Kroc School Professor Philip Gamaghelyan, PhD, was quoted in the Los Angeles Times in an article entitled "Here's why Armenian Americans in Southern California are protesting". Gamaghelyan is a leading professor on the subject of Conflict Management and Resolution at University of San Diego, and offered his perspective in the story to give context to the situation in Armenia, where he grew up. 

The article begins:

Since Sept. 27, the escalating conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh has killed hundreds and displaced thousands, and Armenian Americans in Southern California have taken to the streets in protest.

In the days and weeks before a cease-fire was announced late Friday, thousands gathered outside the Azerbaijan Consulate in Los Angeles, blocked traffic on the 101 and 170 freeways, marched in Glendale and assembled in front of the buildings of CNN and the Los Angeles Times. On Wednesday, a crowd shut down Wilshire Boulevard in Westwood, and on Thursday, many traveled to Washington to protest in front of the White House.

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