SOLES Faculty Research Grants 2020-2021

SOLES Faculty Research Grants

The Faculty Research Grant program supports scholarly activities that meet SOLES’ mission, vision, and/or strategic priorities. In addition, the program supports to recruit and retain faculty in SOLES, particularly our Assistant Professors in developing their scholarship/research agenda and trajectory in their bid for tenure given the University’s policy that gives equal emphasis to scholarship and teaching. The program also supports Associate and Full Professors in the continued development of their scholarship. Each proposal is reviewed and awarded by the Faculty Status Committee based on a rubric criteria evaluation process. A hearty congratulations to the SOLES faculty recipients for the 2020- 2021 academic year.

Take a look at this year's award recipients and their research:

Department of Counseling & Marital and Family Therapy

Catherine Griffith
Catherine Griffith, PhD
The Impact of an Affirming Group Counseling Curriculum on LGBTQ Adolescents’ Levels of Hope, Coping, Social Connectedness, and Suicidality: A Randomized Controlled Study

Florencia Lebensohn-Chialvo
Florencia Lebensohn-Chialvo, PhD
The Experience of Bilingual Behavioral Health Providers in Integrated Primary Care: A Mixed-Methods Study

Ned Golubovic
Ned Golubovic, PhD
Influence of Substance Use and Race on Blame Attribution

Saundra Tabet, PhD
Mental Health Literacy Intervention to Reduce Stigmatization and Promote the Socio-Emotional Wellness of College Student-Athletes

Department of Learning and Teaching

James Fabionar
James Fabionar, PhD
Designing A Formative Evaluation of a Districtwide Ethnic Studies Initiative

Rebekka Jez
Rebekka Jez, EdD
Using Collaboration to Increase Culturally Responsive Inclusive Practices

Suzanne Stolz
Suzanne Stolz, EdD
The Evolution of a Program Promoting an Asset-Based View of Disability

Department of Leadership Studies

Antonio Jimenez Luque
Antonio Jimenez-Luque, PhD
Redefining Leadership through the Commons: An Overview of Two Processes of Meaning-making and Collective Action in the City of Barcelona

Nydia Sanchez
Nydia Sánchez, PhD
Latinx Educational Uplift: An Ethnographic Case Study of Gates Millennium Scholars from El Paso, Texas