Professor Choi-Fitzpatrick Shares Perspective on Drones and Social Movements in New Articles for The Conversation and Medium

On July 28, 2020, Kroc School Associate Professor Austin Choi-Fitzpatrick shared his perspective on drones and their impact on social movements in two articles:

  1. How Protest Movements Can Hijack Surveillance Tech for the Public Good (Medium) 
  2. How to hide from a drone – the subtle art of ‘ghosting’ in the age of surveillance (The Conversation)

The articles coincide with the release of Professor Choi-Fitzpatrick's new book entitled "The Good Drone: How Social Movements Democratize Surveillance" (2020 MIT Press), available July 28, 2020. The book analyzes the ways small-scale drones — as well as satellites, kites and balloons — have been adopted by scientists, advocacy groups and journalists to help advance knowledge, shape public opinion and reframe debates.

“The book focuses on how new technology in the air changes politics on the ground,” said Professor Choi-Fitzpatrick. “After examining thousands of use cases, what struck me was how often people were using this technology for good. Activists, researchers and nonprofits all over the world are using drones to help us see the world in new ways.”

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