Integrated Engineering Sustains Impressive Growth

Integrated Engineering Class of 2018-19Integrated Engineering Class of 2018-19

Integrated engineers see the world differently. Rather than focusing on one aspect of a problem, they understand the big picture. This requires not only a strong technical foundation across multiple areas of science and engineering, but also an understanding of the profound impact engineers have on society. Students majoring in integrated engineering can choose a concentration in biomedical engineering, embedded software, sustainability and engineering and the law, or they can follow the individual plan of study.

Two years after launching the new discipline in Fall 2017, it is exciting to see the growth in the department not only in terms of concentrations offered and the number of faculty members hired for the department, but in the number of students being drawn to the new discipline that is now being offered at USD.

At the December 5th Engineering and Computing Senior Banquet, where graduating engineering and computer science seniors celebrate their extraordinary academic accomplishments and recognition of their hard work, time and effort invested in completing USD's Shiley-Marcos School of Engineering undergraduate degree programs, the number of integrated engineering graduate cohort totaled nine seniors. This more than doubles the first graduating cohort in 2018, which comprised of four seniors. 

"We are excited to announce that we have our largest class yet, totaling 19 sophomores," says Assistant Professor of Integrated Engineering, Gordon Hoople.

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