The Pains and Benefits of Transforming to a More Productive Society

Photo is of Norm Miller, PhD

"The Pains and Benefits of Transforming to a More Productive Society" by Norm Miller, PhD, Hahn Chair of Real Estate Finance at the University of San Diego School of Business, was just published in the November 7 issue of The Property Chronicle.

In this paper, Dr. Miller concludes that "eliminating anti-competitive regulations and redundant processes would unleash a tsunami of productivity gains. This includes the paranoid fears we have about allowing new industries to displace old ones. This is not a suggestion for eliminating regulations that protect consumers with more disclosures or protect the environment, but it is a suggestion to encourage the testing of new systems for transit, delivery, AV based logistics and honest evaluation of the risks for implementing such systems. Innovation and science might save us from our short term outlook on the planet and living-for-today political mode of decision making." 

Read the full paper below.


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