Urgent Challenges Collective Announces Faculty-Student Research Grant Recipients

The primary aim of the Urgent Challenges Collective, which is funded through a two-year strategic initiative grant from the University of San Diego, is to provide new opportunities for studying and addressing homelessness and food insecurity in our local community. The work of the Collective is inclusive of the entire campus community with a focus on four core areas: research projects, course development, community engagement, and advocacy initiatives/events.

We are pleased to announce that the following research teams received funding to support their projects for 2019-20.  The titles and descriptions of the projects are from the research proposals.

Dr. Christopher Carter (College of Arts and Sciences, Theology and Religious Studies) and Marcela Strong (Theology and Religious Studies and Biochemistry) - “Triangle of Wellness: Treating and Guiding Homeless Veterans to a Better Future.”  The goal of Triangle of Wellness is to create an outreach program for homeless veterans that can help them access the financial, medical, and spiritual health resources that are available to them. The project consists of three broad moves; research into the complexities of Veteran homelessness, identifying practitioners to partner with to address needs discovered through research, outreach and follow up with Veterans in need of care.

Dr. Mary Barger (Hahn School of Nursing and Health Science) - “Assessing Needed Elements of Community Support among Homeless People.” This project aims to determine to what extent the presence of community support and use of community supportive elements play in the trajectory to being homeless and to staying housed after a period of being homeless.

Dr. Aarti Ivanic (School of Business, Marketing), Julie Mai (Master of Business Administration), and Briana Izaguirre (Master of Science in Law Enforcement and Public Safety) - “Tackling Homelessness and Food Insecurity through Community Assessment and Engagement.”  This project builds inclusive partnerships and utilizes our resources to conduct a thorough community assessment to better understand local homelessness and food insecurity issues. This strategic assessment will examine demographics, existing policies, assets, deficits, and access issues within Linda Vista.

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