Jacobs Institute, SOLES Awarded $1,009,801 by the National Science Foundation

Jacobs Institute, SOLES:

Yaoran Li, PhD, Managing Researcher/Principal Investigator, and Vitaliy Popov, PhD, Associate Director of Research, Jacobs Institute for Innovation in Education, School of Leadership and Education Sciences, in collaboration with Perla Myers, PhD, College of Arts and Sciences Mathematics, was awarded $1,009,801 from the National Science Foundation. These funds will be used for the most comprehensive experimental study examining the relations between the potential gains in the different types of visuospatial skills (e.g., visual perception vs. spatial vocabulary) and the longitudinal gains in performance in different areas of mathematics (e.g., arithmetic vs. geometry) ever conducted. This is a three-year research effort bringing together cognitive psychologists, learning scientists, mathematics education researchers, and origamists to develop an innovative origami-based program for elementary school-age children and examine the effects of this program on the development of visuospatial skills and mathematical competencies.


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