Summer 2019 Study Abroad Programs

Faculty-led Programs from Across Campus

MACC Program Company Visit in ParisSOLES graduate students in Brazil

During Summer 2019, USD sent over 40 faculty members from the various Schools/Colleges to travel abroad with USD undergraduate and graduate students for academic study. A wide variety of disciplines were instructed, and some included community engagement and cultural immersion learning activities. The various locations, faculty and courses are listed below.


Salzburg, Austria

Barbara Wrasidlo- GERM 201/394: Third Semester German/German Immersion


Beijing & Shanghai, China

Eric Jiang- COMP 494: Data Mining


London, England

Brian Clack – PHIL 112: London: Plague, Fire and Riot

Nadav Goldschmied – PSYC 364: Sport Psychology

John Halaka- ARTV 101/302/403: Drawing London- Meditations on the History of Culture Through the Art of a City

Ernie Kim – ELEC 201: Electrical Circuits

Cameron Parker – MATH 494: Cryptography & War: How Mathematicians Saved Democracy 


Paris, France

Jonathan Bowman – COMM 481: Les Amours et Les Amis: Relationships in Modern France

Michelle Camacho – SOCI 411: Tourist Economy in France – Work and Labor

Sylvie Ngilla McGraw - FREN 300: Advanced Conversation

Michael Kelly – PHIL 334: Philosophy and Ethics of the Revolution


Paris & Strasbourg, France

Barbara Bliss – FINA 405: International Financial Management

Maria Kniazeva – MKTG 305: Global Marketing

Andrea Flynn – MKTG 410: Marketing Research


Salerno, Italy

Antonio Iannotta - ITAL 201: Third Semester Italian


New Zealand (Multi-city)

Michel Boudrias – EOSC 303: Environmental Issues in a Global Context

Julia Cantzler – SOCI 473: Sustainability: Sociological Perspectives

Andrew Tirrell – POLS 348: Indigenous Peoples and the Environment


Johannesburg & Makuleke, South Africa

Lisa Nunn & Mike Williams – POLS 343/SOCI 375: Education, Citizenship, and Politics in South Africa


Hawaii, US

David Shirk – POLS 494/594: Politics of International Disaster and Crisis Management



Rio de Janeiro & Sao Paulo, Brazil

Heather Herrera- LEAD 568: Global Perspectives in Higher Education


Falmouth, Jamaica

Ian Martin- COUN 510: Career Development Across Lifespans


Falmouth, Jamaica

Kristopher Hall- COUN 515: Multicultural Counseling


Falmouth, Jamaica

Wendell Callahan- COUN 508: Research Methods


Madrid, Spain

Fred Galloway- LEAD 607: Applied Statistics and Quantitative Research


Madrid, Spain

Antonio Jimenez-Luque- LEAD 611: Leadership Theories: Past, Present, and Future


Madrid, Spain

Viviana Alexandrowvicz- EDUC 579: Changemakers in K-12 Education: National and International Perspectives


Oxford, United Kingdom

Reyes Quezada- EDUC 504: Comparative Education


Arusha, Magamba, and Zanzibar, Tanzania

Rebekka Jez- EDUC 579: Education in Post-Colonial Context


Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Marcus Lam- LEAD 579: Vietnam and Globalization: Nonprofit and Educational Leadership Policy and Practice


Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

James Fabionar- EDUC 579: Vietnam and Globalization: Nonprofit and Educational Leadership Policy and Practice



Lisbon, Portugal & Madrid, Spain

Denise Dimon - GSBA 508/MSGL 512: Law, Policy and Ethics in a Global Context

Rangapriya Kannan-Narasimhan - GSBA 594: Corporate Entrepreneur, Innovation and New Venture Creation  

Carsten Zimmermann - GSBA 580: Global Innovation Strategies


Paris, France; London, England; Rome, Italy

Mark Judd & Diane Pattison - MACC 580/581 & ACCT 480/481: International Accounting Standards & European Business Environments


Mondragon, Spain

David Herrera & Allison Howitt - GSBA 594: Models of Participatory Leadership (in partnership with SOLES)



Paris, France

Pierre Legrand - LWYP528 Comparative Law  

Michael Hawkins, M. Margaret McKeown - LWYP550: International Internet & Intellectual Property Law


London, England

David Brennan - LWYL545: International Arbitration

Frederick Heller - LWYL550: International Deals


Kanani Meheula