Two USD Alumni among 18 selected for Artemis Lunar Mission Training Program

It's been nearly half a century since mankind last visited on the moon, when the three-person crew of NASA’s Apollo 17 mission touched down near the edge of an ancient lava sea called Mare Serenitatis.


Now, the space agency is again bound for the lunar surface, revving up a program called Artemis that could send humans back to the moon within this decade. On Dec. 9, the agency revealed which of its 47 active astronauts have been assigned to Artemis, to train for humanity’s historic return to the moon. Among that distinguished group are two University of San Diego alumni:  Matthew Dominick ’05 and Jonny Kim ’12. Both Dominick and Kim are now members of a very exclusive community, and before long, they’ll be charting new courses in human history.



To read more about Dominick, Kim and the other Artemis candidates' incredible journeys to this amazing achievement, click here.

— USD Digital Communications Staff

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