Women PeaceMakers Discuss Peacebuilding Experience, Partnership with USD

Women PeaceMakers Discuss Peacebuilding Experience, Partnership with USD

Women PeaceMakers Panel

Four women thought leaders chosen for the Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice’s Women PeaceMakers Fellowship spoke about the program and their passion for peacebuilding Tuesday night during a panel, where the public got a chance to meet the peacemakers. The four women each come from different parts of the Americas, and are staying on the University of San Diego campus as part of a two-week residency. They each have different backgrounds as scholars and activists, and bring different perspectives and knowledge to the table.

At Tuesday’s event, moderated by journalist Sandra Maas, the women discussed their individual experiences, but also found common ground in their fight for peace and equality.

“What we are doing here at USD with the Kroc School is worth celebrating and replicating,” 2022-2023 Fellow Tania Cecilia Martínez said. “We’re talking about peacebuilding. We’re talking about innovative solutions. We have to think out of the box, and we are challenged as Fellows to do that.”

Tuesday night’s panel is one of a handful of public events being put on for the Fellowship, and symbolized an important milestone: this year is the first since the beginning of the pandemic that the Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice has been able to bring Women PeaceMaker Fellows together in-person. The panel was a glimpse into what the USD residency will look like, with the women spending hours together exchanging ideas and having thoughtful conversations about the peacebuilding field.

“It’s beautiful to watch relationships be built in real-time, as people say ‘Oh yes, I’ve had that experience too,’ or ‘I haven’t experienced that. Tell me more about your perspective,’” said Briana Mawby, Program Officer for Women, Peace, and Security at the Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice. “It’s fascinating to watch these relationships come together, and I expect them to continue getting stronger and stronger as we continue.”

The Women PeaceMaker Fellows will live and work on the USD campus until December 15, when they’ll return home and begin work on a research project for several months. The focus of this year’s research is chronic violence – violence sparked by social or gender inequities, among other things, that can have long-lasting effects on communities around the world. The peacemakers will examine different aspects of chronic violence, and work to come up with actionable steps to address root causes.

You can read more about the Women PeaceMakers Fellowship here, and watch a stream of Tuesday night’s panel here.


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