Addressing Homelessness: Vote for One of 10 Changemaker Challenge Video Finalists by Oct. 29

The Changemaker Challenge, an annual fall competition open to all University of San Diego students, faculty and staff to create a two-minute-or-so video for a community idea connected to that year’s theme, has narrowed its 2020 field to 10 finalists.

This year’s theme, addressing homelessness in San Diego, utilized questions posed by community partners PATH (People Assisting the Homeless) and Think Dignity, to stimulate ideas. The 10 video finalists are vying for a share of $5,000. Voting for the top video of your choice is underway and will conclude at 11:59 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 29. The amounts given to each team will be revealed at an afternoon virtual Changemaker Challenge celebration on Friday, Oct. 30.

2020 Changemaker Challenge Finalists

There are two finalists for each of the five questions asked. They are as follows:

Question 1: PATH, Dignified Client Engagement — How might we help PATH provide opportunities during COVID-19 for clients to engage in a way that will allow them to connect with others and that is safe and dignified?

Finalist: Stramigos. Entrants: Daniela Abouchedid, Anne Marie Ducruet, and Eva Eleftheriadis.

Finalist: Community Garden. Entrants: Lachlan Eicholzer, Olivia Welch, Maia Mena and Kenny Scroggin.

Question 2: PATH, Better Known in San Diego — How might we help PATH become better known in the San Diego region in a way that educates and empowers local community members to become active in their communities to drive change?

Finalist: A Voice for the Homeless (Podcast). Entrants: Colton Calvert and Caelin Murphy.

Finalist: Help Make Change Activist App. Entrants: Samantha Stelter, Macarena Fernandez Dias, Lauren Vega, Maya Enriquez and Sarah Carter.

Question 3: Think Dignity, Mobile Showers — How might we help Think Dignity reimagine its sanitation process in a way that it complies with sanitation guidelines, is safe for clients, and cost and time effective for the organization, especially during a pandemic?

Finalist: Addressing Homeless Shower Sanitation. Entrants: Christopher Curtis, Zoe Clark, Zia Udell and Alexia Cole.

Finalist: Use of Vital Oxide to Think Dignity’s Fresh Start Shower Project. Entrants: Richard Ruiz, Megan Braband, Jennifer Kovarik and William Heisinger.

Question 4: Think Dignity, Feminine Hygiene Access — How might we help Think Dignity provide access to feminine hygiene products to their clients in a way that it provides privacy while helping break the stigma?

Finalist: Boutique Boxes. Entrants: Ruby Gallegos and Maria Simpson.

Finalist: Pussy Packs. Entrants: Maria Velez Manriquez, Lupe Velez, Caden Callero, Daniela Bautista Vanegas.

Question 5: Think Dignity, Storage Solutions — How might we help Think Dignity provide access for those experiencing homelessness in areas further from downtown to store their personal items in a way that is convenient and safe so that they can have more opportunities to move freely and to take care of their daily needs?

Finalist: San Diego Storage Solutions. Entrants: Madeleine Brotherton and Sloan Elmassian.

Finalist: Interactive Digital Billboards and Mobile Storage Bins. Entrants: Olivia Duncan, Lydia Zepeda, Sebastian Simpson, Bailey Gillis and Elizabeth B.

Nine of the 10 finalists’ ideas came from participation in a USD class this year. The USD Changemaker Hub has successfully encouraged some professors to consider having students enter the Changemaker Challenge as a project objective in the curriculum. Finalists came from subject areas as sociology, communication studies and leadership and courses within the Living Learning Communities. Lisa Nunn (sociology), Mary Brinson (communication studies), Diana Keeling (communication studies), Taylor Ulrich and Craig Goodman (leadership), Jonathan Bowman (communication studies), Julia Cantzler (sociology) and Juan Rivas Espinoza (Changemaker minor). Nunn and Keeling each have two student finalist entries.

The lone non-class finalist is Stramigos for the PATH client engagement question.

— Compiled by Ryan T. Blystone


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