Nurses Rock: Quarantined Artists Hope Painted Rocks Lift Finders' Heavy Burdens

Escondido native Ceci Lusky has been painting and hiding rocks for years, but this spring she painted a series of rocks for her daughter, Allison Lusky Reue, and some of Allison’s college friends. Reue would have graduated Saturday with her master’s degree in nursing from the University of San Diego, but the commencement was canceled due to the pandemic.

So to honor the hard work and sacrifices of her daughter and her fellow graduating nurses, Lusky painted a series of rocks depicting nurses wearing surgical face masks and caps. She said she painted them “because nurses rock,” particularly right now as front-line health-care workers.

“She worked so hard to do this and even if we can’t have a graduation celebration for her (Saturday) ... we’ll make the best of it,” said Lusky, who is board chair for the Escondido Community Child Development Center.

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Carol Scimone