North Road Utility Improvement Project Nears Completion

The North Utility Road Improvement Project has been an ongoing project for the past two years, starting in the summer of 2017 and is nearing completion this spring.

The intent of this project, according to Facilities Management’s Project Manager Brian Litchfield, was to upsize and upgrade the various utilities along the North Road to support the needs for future construction projects and in anticipation of higher heating, cooling, and telecom demands on campus.

New data lines were pulled, chilled water piping was upsized, and the natural gas piping system from the main utility meter was upgraded and replaced.

Lastly, routing the chilled water and gas lines back to the central plant allows the Facilities Department to efficiently maintain and control the campus heating and cooling systems in a central location.

— Brian Litchfield, Project Manager, North Utility Road Improvement Project

Below is a visual look at the work done during the North Utility Road Improvement Project.

North Road Utility Improvement Project


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