University of the Third Age's Winter Session Runs Jan. 7-25

A garden tour of the University of San Diego campus will be one of the many activities for the winter session University of the Third Age participants.

The 41st year of the University of the Third Age (U3A) program, which is USD's longest-running community outreach program, will take place January 7-25 on the University of San Diego campus. Course meetings will be held Monday through Thursday the first two weeks and then, because of the Dr. Martin Luther King holiday, the final week will take place Tuesday through Friday Jan. 22-25.

The 2019 winter session consists of interesting presentations from both on-campus faculty and staff, a field trip to the New Americans Museum in Liberty Station, and a special class meeting in which participants go on an east campus garden tour of the university.

The first week’s programming includes off-campus speakers talking about interpersonal communications; observing the combination of architecture, health and neuroscience and the state of art; learning about a U.S. foreign service officer’s career. There will also be presentations and talks by USD faculty and staff. Jonathan Anomaly, PhD, assistant professor of philosophy, will discuss “Creating Future People: Why the Treatment vs. Enhancement Distinction is Irrelevant”; Sandra Sgoutas-Emch, PhD, director of USD’s Center for Educational Excellence, will discuss the 2018-19 USD Just Read Book: Living on $2.00 a Day and the Impact of Poverty on Health Outcomes; Amanda Etter, director of Military and Veterans Program at USD, will speak on veterans in the classroom at USD; and Ernie Salazar, assistant manager of USD’s Grounds and Transportation, will give the garden tour.

The second week offers the field trip to the New Americans Museum, USD Associate Professor of Anthropology Jerome Hall, PhD, speaking on the first-century boat remains from the Sea of Galilee; a talk by Grace Williams, president of Children of the Immaculate Heart, about Human Trafficking in San Diego and what you can do about it; a look at the history of doping in sports with author Mark Johnson; Erin Partridge will discuss “The Role of Art in Human Life: Expression, Engagement and Inquiry”; and Rick Buxton will speak on the “Functional MRI: A Window on the Working Human Brain.”

The third and final week of the U3A session has two USD professors, Dr. Cameron Parker from the Mathematic Department, and Dr. Erik Fritsvold, associate professor of Criminology and director of the Law Enforcement and Public Safety Leadership program, speaking on separate days. Dr. Parker’s talk is titled, “Is Democracy Futile? What Mathematics Can Tell Us about Decision Making”; and Dr. Fritsvold will discuss “USD’s Role in the Future of Law Enforcement Education.” Other topics this week are on interesting women in San Diego’s history; Planting Water: Water Harvesting Strategies for homes and businesses; a talk on “Love, Wisdom and Money Fun with Family Wealth in the 21st century; Wildfire preparedness; and a talk on Hormones through the Ages.

Each day of the U3A session begins at 9:30 a.m. with the first presentation, followed by the second presentation at 10:45 a.m. The field trip day, January 17, will have students getting on buses to the museum by 9:30 a.m. and back to campus by 11:45 a.m. The garden tour on Jan. 10 is the solo activity of the day and begins at 9:30 a.m.

Considered one of the top educational offerings locally for people ages 55 and up, USD’s program is the only known United States-hosted site of a U3A program. For more information about the winter session or to register, please visit the link from USD’s Professional and Continuing Education website.

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