Dr. Yanguas published in the journal Language Learning and Technology

Íñigo Yanguas, PhD, Language Coordinator and Associate Professor of Spanish, holds a PhD in Hispanic Linguistics. He is active in research in the fields of computer assisted language learning (CALL) and instruction, heritage language acquisition, and second language acquisition. Currently, he is investigating different aspects of computer-mediated interaction. In addition, he is experimenting with several programs and applications in order to foster student involvement and L2 production.

An article based upon his research: "Focus on form in task-based L2 oral computer-mediated communication" has been published in the October 2018 issue of Language Learning & Technology (22[3], pp. 65-81). 
In this study, Dr. Yanguas and his colleague Tyler Bergin investigate how intermediate students of Spanish interact in the second language classroom using computers. In particular, they focus on communication mode (video Skype vs. audio Skype) and on the type of activity carried out (jigsaw task vs. dictogloss task). Results of this study show significant differences between tasks in the focus of the interaction. In addition, results show significant differences between communication modes in the number of instances students solve a linguistic issue.


Íñigo Yanguas
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