USD Alumni Endowed Scholarship Fund Supports Current Students

Here are some of the many USD students who've been chosen as 2018-19 recipients of USD Alumni Endowed Scholarship funding. Events such as the USD Wine Classic contribute to the scholarship fund.

As the University of San Diego prepares to host the sold-out 10th annual USD Wine Classic weekend on July 14-15, it’s important to remember that guests who'll be enjoying fine wine and food aren't the only ones who celebrate this festive event.

All net proceeds from the Wine Classic, including the Vintners Dinner, tickets, silent auction, this year’s luxury Napa wine vacation getaway raffle, wine wall and more, support scholarships for USD students via the USD Alumni Endowed Scholarship Fund. To date, the Wine Classic, presented by the USD Alumni Association Board of Directors, has raised more than $450,000 for student scholarships.

Recently, the university announced the 2018-19 graduate and undergraduate students who have been selected to receive support via the alumni scholarship fund. Click on each scholarship to learn more about it and the student recipients:

Therese Whitcomb Scholarship Fund: Claudia Esquer ’20 (Major: English with an emphasis in Creative Writing, Minor: Ethnic Studies); Jake Sanborn ’20 (Majors: Political Science and English, with an emphasis in Creative Writing); Creighton Morfitt ’19 (Major: Mechanical Engineering; Minor: Business Finance).

Recipient Jake Sanborn ‘20: “Words cannot describe how deeply grateful I am to all of the donors and alumni that made this scholarship possible. Their support for my goals and educational dreams will always be appreciated. Their contributions are vital in supporting the next generation of Torero Changemakers!”

Senior Class Legacy Scholarship : Andrew Saiz ’19 (Major: Biochemistry, Minor: Music); Avery Zink ’21 (Major: Behavioral Neuroscience, Minor: Women’s and Gender Studies); Bryan Leonor ’20 (Major: Mechanical Engineering); Morfitt ’19; Julia Heaton ’20 (Major: Sociology, Minors: Psychology and Italian); Julia Mahroos ’20 (Major: Mechanical Engineering, emphasis in sustainability and renewable energy); Kelly North ’19 (Major: Biology, emphasis in biotechnology, Minor: Business Administration); Kiera McNeill ’19 (Major: Business Economics, Minor: Comprehensive Music); Kristina Kimsey ’19 (Major: Liberal Studies, emphasis on Literature, Minor: French); Michaela Tyus ’20 (Majors: Political Science and Ethnic Studies); Nadine Achkar ’21 (Potential Majors: International Business and Spanish); Tyler Arden ’20 Major: Business Marketing, Minor: Communication Studies); Natasha Salgado ’19 (Major: Political Science, Minors: International Relations, Nonprofit Enterprise, Peace and Justice).

Recipient Kelly North ’19: “I feel very honored to receive a scholarship from the USD alumni network. I would like to thank the Senior Class Legacy Scholarship for giving students the opportunity to share their experiences on campus with alumni. I look forward to joining this alumni network and giving other students scholarship opportunities in the future.”

Kyle O'Connell Memorial Scholarship: Fran Buranday ’19 (Major: Behavioral Neuroscience, Minors: Chemistry and Biomedical Ethics); Lauren Hampson ’19 (Graduate Student, MSN Family and Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Program).

Recipient Lauren Hampson ’19: “I am greatly appreciative of the generosity of donors and their commitment to support Kyle’s legacy. I hope to continue to support the mission by advocating for a cure for cancer through my role as a nurse practitioner. I’m honored to be a part of this community and my sincerest thank you for making this scholarship possible and open to graduate students.”

Daniel Burkett Memorial Scholarship: Joshua DePaula ’20 (Major: Business Finance, Minor: Real Estate).

Recipient Joshua DePaula ’20: “Thank you to the family, friends, and alumni that have generously donated In Danny’s name. You have ensured his memory and legacy by generously raising funds and attending events in order to benefit fellow USD students. I hope to exemplify what Danny stood for throughout his life which was being a strong and positive character within USD, his fraternity, his family, and the community. I’m honored to follow in Danny’s footsteps throughout his journey at USD both academically and socially.”

Alumni Endowed Scholarship: Buranday ’19; Zink ’21; Carly Morris ’19 (Graduate Student, SOLES Education, MA Multiple-Subject Teaching Credential); Christopher Chu ’19 (Majors: Accountancy and Business Finance, Minor: Supply Chain Management); Esquer ’20; Sanborn ’20; Jessica Liyanage ’19 (Major: Psychology, Minors: Biology and Chemistry); Mahroos ’20; Kimsey ’19; Achkar ’21; Salgado ’19; Raquel Markham ’19 (Major: Biochemistry, Minors: Mathematics and Biomedical Ethics); TinTin Luu ’19 (Major: Biochemistry, Minor: Biomedical Ethics); Valerie Jaimes ’21 (Majors: Sociology, Ethnic Studies); Yarissa Valdez ’21 (Communication Studies, Minors: Theology and Religious Studies, Leadership); Sydney Pidgeon ’19 (Majors: Psychology and Theology and Religious Studies, Minors: Peacebuilding and Social Innovation); Heather Whidden ’18 (Graduate Student, SOLES’ MA Clinical Mental Health Counseling); DePaula ’20.

Recipient Natasha Salgado ’19: “Thank you so much to the USD donors and alumni who have made getting a college education a reality for me, and also for other students across our campus. The scholarship support I have been given has allowed me the freedom to work towards my dream of attaining a college education. There are no words to describe how positively impactful receiving this scholarship has been for myself and also my family. Being a recipient of the generosity of our amazing donors and alumni is such a blessing and I cannot wait to give back to the USD community in the way it has given so much to me. Again, with so much love and gratitude I would like to thank you with all my heart for being my support system throughout my college endeavors.”

— Ryan T. Blystone


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