Getting to Know Your Professors: Malachi Black

Inside USD -- Malachi Black, assistant professor of English and Creative Writing, is a new member of the College of Arts and Sciences English faculty and has hit the ground running. Black’s poetry will be featured in the Spring 2014 issue of Ploughshares.

Q: You’re from the east coast. What brought you to California and to USD?

I left New York City in the summer of 2007, and have since lived in Texas, Massachusetts, Utah, and Georgia, so California will be my fifth state in seven years. The thrillingly critical difference is that California, and USD, more specifically, constitutes a destination – in vital contrast to my so many recent stopovers. What brings me to California, of course, is USD: its uncommon and very real commitment to intellectual, pedagogical, and interpersonal community, integrity, and accomplishment. In terms of attractions, I can’t help but remark, too, on the richly affecting beauty of the university, both as aesthetic installation and as habitable academic space. When I first visited, in February, my sublime experience of the panoramic Garden of the Sea united me, I’ve imagined, with a great many onetime nomads for whom such a view was an invitation to stay. I’m excited to have arrived – to mark simultaneous ending and beginning – and to be unpacking, permanently, at long last. (Full Article)