Q+A with alumnus, Nick Cohn '20, about the Writing Center's Night Against Procrastination event

Q+A with alumnus, Nick Cohn '20, about the Writing Center's Night Against Procrastination event

Have you ever waited too long to start writing an assignment for finals?

Don't worry! The Writing Center hosts an event called Night Against Procrastination (NAP) before finals week, where you can get  encouragement and support during this challenging part of the semester. We got to talk with alumnus Nick Cohn ‘20, English, who worked as a Writing Center Consultant while attending USD. Cohn answered all of our questions about Night Against Procrastination , how it works, and what it will look like online this year:


Q: How would you describe Night Against Procrastination to someone who has never heard of it before?

A: “Night Against Procrastination is a great opportunity to come to the Writing Center even if it is your first time coming in. What I’ve found is that it is a wonderful chance for people who have been a little bit hesitant or a little bit afraid of having their writing reviewed, and Night Against Procrastination can take a lot of that pressure off... You don’t have to have the appointment scheduled ahead of time, anybody can walk in. It can be this kind of weight off a lot of people’s minds, and you can end up with a finished product that you can really be proud of. One of the main things we want to do is help people be more confident in their writing, so finding that confidence is I think the most important part of Night Against Procrastination, and anything that the Writing Center does.”


Q: What is exciting about bringing Night Against Procrastination to an online platform?

A: “One thing that is so special about the Night Against Procrastination is spontaneity, and having that open door on campus where people can just wander in, that’s really the heart and the spirit of it. Having it online, the important thing to share is that this is still an open door, and even if you have a few more buttons to press, it is still something worth wandering into.”


Q: Do you have any favorite memories from the Night Against Procrastination on campus?

A: “Being in the Writing Center with so many of my fellow consultants I think was just one of my favorite parts. Especially since it's so close to finals week, and finals week can kind of feel like a lonely time, when you have these insurmountable essays, and the big tests are coming up, getting to just be with people, while still being in an environment that is striving for academic excellence, you get to be with people who really care about that, and at the same time really care about you as a person.”


Q: What would your advice be to someone who has never worked with the Writing Center about what to expect from Night Against Procrastination?

A: “You may come into the Writing Center, either feeling very nervous about your writing or very confident about your writing, and we love to see both of those types of writers, there isn’t a good or a bad writer. If you are coming in for the first time and feeling that nervousness, you can expect to find welcoming people who take you through the different parts of your paper and really help collaborate with you, and make sure that your voice is being heard in your writing.”


Q: How would you describe the role that Writing Center Consultants play?

A: “There is this relationship between fellow students that I think really makes that kind of relationship work, and so I think that informs a lot of the enthusiasm that goes into a sessions, it’s like ‘oh, I’m helping someone who is a lot like me, or may have been in the same place I was with my writing a year back, or even a few months back.’ We have all been through similar troubles, similar difficulties, similar struggles when it comes to writing.”


Q: How does the Writing Center build community on USD’s campus?

A: “There is this nature to the Writing Center -- for both the consultants and for the student writers -- where it's a place you can stop in, and in the stress of everyday classes, it’s a place where that stress can be dissipated.”


Q: What is it that makes the Night Against Procrastination event special for the USD community?

A: “The Night Against Procrastination is special because it is an example of what students can achieve together, and what collaboration between students can do to empower other students on campus. It allows for an exchange of wisdom and an exchange of knowledge, and also an exchange of heartfelt courage and encouragement, and to say, ‘you will get through whatever this is, and you will have something that you are proud of.’ ” 


This article was written by Brooke Waxman, student assistant of the USD Writing Program

begin quoteThis spring semester, The Writing Center will host N.A.P. online on May 7, via Zoom.
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