Kate DeConinck Wins Lecturer Award for Outstanding Teaching

Kate DeConinck Wins Lecturer Award for Outstanding Teaching

Theology and Religious Studies Professor Kate DeConinck, PhD, was awarded the 2020 Lecturer Award for Outstanding Teaching. A Teaching Professor since 2014, Dr. DcConinck became a full time professor in 2016 and has worked tirelessly ever since. The award is an honor bestowed to faculty who demonstrate exemplary skills in teaching, and for those who go above and beyond for their students and the university.

“She creates opportunities for students to understand power, privilege, and oppression, and to reflect on their own experiences of these through various lenses. Her pedagogy is thoughtful and her methods are always well organized and careful,” said Dr. Emily Reimer-Barry, Chair of the Department of Theology and Religious Studies. Dr. Reimer-Barry went on to say, “Our students praise Dr. DeConinck’s dedication to their learning and the way she inspires intellectual curiosity and creates a learning environment that nurtures a diverse and inclusive community.”

In the fall of 2019, Dr. DeConinck, along with Dr. Mike Williams of the Political Science Department, created a pop-up course on Homelessness for the Humanities Center. A challenging but necessary endeavor, many USD students remarked that the immersive art exhibit created by the class was one of the most impactful “field trips” they’d ever experienced.

Along with creating an inclusive and challenging classroom, Dr. DeConinck has dedicated countless hours to various committees and on-campus endeavors. She is a faculty representative for the CAS Academic Assembly, the Faculty Facilitator for the Center for Educational Excellence, an LLC advisor, mentors THRS students including those conducting undergraduate research, and taught with the SYE Intersession Program 2020 in New Zealand. She accomplishes all of her work with grace, humility and an unwavering passion for education.

“I cannot think of someone more worthy of this honor,” said Dr. Reimer-Barry.

Please join us in congratulating and thanking, Dr. Kate DeConick!

Dr. Kate DeConinck

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