English Awards at 2020 Honors Convocation

English Awards at 2020 Honors Convocation

Each May, at the University of San Diego’s Undergraduate Honors Convocation, we congratulate our award recipients, who are recognized for their academic and involvement efforts. The 2020 Honors Convocation Committee announced this year’s awardees via the virtual Honors Convocation program, viewable here. The Department of English, Southeast San Diego Tutoring Program, and Writing Center awards are as follows:

The English Department gives two special department awards at Honors Convocation.  This year, these awards go to:

Scholastic Achievement Award: Nicholas Cohn

The Literary Achievement Award: Sarah Hankins

Nicholas Cohn, recipient of the Scholastic Achievement Award, is the kind of student who inspires his professors. His depth of thought, his original observations, and his insights into literature and societal issues—all delivered in an articulate yet unassuming manner—raise the level of class discussion far beyond expectations. Nick academically and personally has earned the highest respect from faculty and peers. 

Sarah Hankins, recipient of the Literary Achievement Award, brings her ebullience into the classroom in a way that enriches her perceptive contributions to class discussion. Often approaching literature from an original angle, she is able to shed fresh light on issues surrounding the texts. She not only sets a high standard of academic excellence, but she also provides a personal example of integrity and positivity.

We congratulate Nick and Sarah on earning these prestigious awards!


In the Southeast San Diego Tutoring Program, USD undergraduates intern at a local, low-income elementary school or middle school (K-8) to tutor children in basic reading, writing, and math. Tutors earn academic credits, gain valuable knowledge from assisting teachers and working with children, and acquire real life intern experience to further their career.  The Southeast San Diego Tutoring Program gives a special award at Honors Convocation.  This year, the award goes to:

Southeast San Diego Tutoring Program Outstanding Tutor Award: Celeen Gharibian

Professor Timothy Randell, Director of the Southeast San Diego Tutoring Project, tells us “Celeen earned this award by dedicating 180 hours of service to the children and faculty of Our Lady's School over four semesters, proudly representing the program and earning exceptional praise from teachers, students, and administrators.”

We congratulate you, Celeen!


The University of San Diego’s Writing Center is an inclusive community serving undergraduate and graduate students from all disciplines. In one-on-one consultations, their experienced consultants provide critical reflection and constructive feedback during the multiple stages of the writing process, from planning to composing to revision, helping students develop strategies for improving their writing, for gaining confidence in their writing, and for developing educational independence.

The Writing Center gives two special awards at Honors Convocation.  This year, these awards go to:

Outstanding Contributions to the Writing Center:

Jordane Schooley

Nicholas Cohn  

Jordane Schooley and Nicholas Cohn received this year's award for "Outstanding Contribution to the Writing Center."  Both Jordane and Nicholas ran the day-to-day operations of the Writing Center, which includes oversight over a staff of 35, as well as running weekly training workshops for Writing Center Consultants.  One of their most notable achievements this year was overseeing the transition to online tutoring when the university shut down.

Congratulations, JJ and Nick!


The 2020 Honors Convocation Committee also announced the awardees of Departmental Honors. Departmental Honors is for graduating seniors who have a 3.5 or higher in the major (English). A certificate will be mailed to each student. Our English 2020 Departmental Honors awardees are (and includes December 2019 graduates):

Reid Arno

Addison Baffert

Ashley Barraugh

McKenna Christian

Nicholas Cohn

Gabriel Cruz

Mina De Guia

Ale Esquer Castañeda

Celeen Gharibian

Joanna Grabowski

Emily Halphide

Sarah Hankins

Kaia Hubbard

Omar Jawdat

Lizzy Jennings

Kristen Jensen

Brianna Jurries

Gurleen Kang

Paul King-Hernandez

Milena Kufa

Nena McGrade

McIntyre McQueen

Makenzie Melheim

Emily Mulhausen

Nicole O’Farrill Haugen

Lydia Pejovic

Gabriel Rementeria

Jake Sanborn

Luree Scott

Sarafina Silveyra

Colin Thompson

Phoebe Woofter


Congratulations to all our student awardees for the 2020 Honors Convocation!

(left to right:) Sarah Hankins, Nicholas Cohn, Jordane Schooley, and Celeen Gharibian(left to right:) Sarah Hankins, Nicholas Cohn, Jordane Schooley, and Celeen Gharibian

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